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Stroke Treatment Academic Industry Roundtable


Recommendations for Clinical Trial Evaluation of Acute Stroke Therapies

Published in Stroke 2001;32:1598-1606


Recommendations for Advancing Therapies of Acute Stroke Treatment

Published in Stroke 2003;34:1539-1606


Enhancing the Development and Approval of Acute Stroke Therapies

Published in Stroke 2005;36:1808


Research Priorities in the Assessment of Neurothrombectomy Devices

Published in Stroke 2013;44:3596-3601

Acute Stroke Research Imaging Roadmap II

Published in Stroke 2013;44:2628-2639

STAIR Recommendations for

New Oral Anticoagulants 

Unpublished - not submitted for publication


The Next Generation of Endovascular Trials

Published in Stroke 2016;47:00-00

Acute Imaging Research Roadmap III

Published in Stroke 2016;47:1389-1398

STAIR Recommendations for Individual 

Data Pooling in Stroke

Published in Stroke 2016;47:00-00


STAIR XI was convened October 1-2, 2020

Please check back.

Consensus Recommendations were produced at the conference and will appear here following manuscript preparation and publication in Stroke

We anticipate debut here in early 2021. 

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